Frequently asked questions

Website design

Q: I am totally new to this “website thing”. How does the whole process work?
A: Never fear, that’s why we are here.

Step 1
Project Start Meeting & Preliminary Planning for your website design

Planning is crucial, we all meet as a team to review the project and discuss the goals and expectations. We will then develop an initial site map, and a plan that identifies responsibilities and expectations for project members.

Step 2
Content Collection & Preliminary website design

Creating, organizing, and collecting content for your website is a critical step in the development process. If required our content specialists will assist with content writing, proofing and editing. It is critical to have all approved content collected and organized prior to moving forward to the Development stage. Preliminary design work will be completed in tandem with content collection. Wire-frames will be built, basic color-schemes, concept sketches and alpha prototypes will be created as needed in-order to drive and aide in the production and development of the website.

Step 3
Layout, Design & Programming

During the development stage the design of your website takes center stage. Homepage, sub page designs, and samples of various plug-ins will be presented. If unsatisfactory up to 3 additional Homepage and Sub page designs will be presented. (Additional designs work charged at our regular rate.)

Upon approval of the design we will implement all website functionality, CMS, Plug-ins, Forms, etc. Search Optimization work will be implemented and prepared for site launch. During the production you will receive a private link to the beta version of your website for review.

Step 4
Testing, Training & website Launch

Your website is thoroughly reviewed and a pre-launch checklist of tasks are performed. Cross-Browser compatibility, speed tests, and SEO tests are performed. Google Analytics installed and tested. Any last minute updates to the content and site are implemented. Training sessions will be scheduled and available post launch.

After your website is live, we will follow up with you and provide information
on website performance reports, support and additional training sessions
if needed.

Q: How much will a website design cost?
A: all website design project costs are based on the work needed to be done, small business will have lower costs.

Q: How long will it take to design my website?
A: all website design projects are completed within 4  weeks. Smaller website designs will have a much faster results.

Q: Will I have to do a lot of work to design my website?

A: We aim to be a complete solution for your online experience, once the project has begun you will feel in control. Within  5 days you will start to pick the initial website designs for your business.