Vermont Internet Marketing Solutions at your fingertips.

Marketing your business and your website is what gives your online website and business the pulse. Ignoring web technologies that are there to help your business succeed and basic marketing can have a huge impact on revenue and the overall success of your organization.

Having a beautiful modern website combined with a cost-effective marketing strategy can really help improve sales and communicate your overall message.   The Internet is quite literally the whole world at your fingertips and is like having a storefront open 24/7 with a representative ready to tell everyone about your great products and mission.

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We offer affordable marketing solutions for your website, and specialize in helping business grow their website presence here in the Vermont and the greater New England region.

Sometimes internet marketing especially for some of us Vermonter’s ( I am looking at you farmer Bill!) can be a challenging concept. Our team makes it easy to understand, and will setup your online marketing plan for you. We walk you through every step of the way, and place all your advertisements for you. All you need to do is tell us a budget, and who your trying to reach. (And if you don’t know, we will help you) Your time investment is minimum, so you could get back to running your business smoothly.

In a nutshell, FIVEFIRE MEDIA Internet Marketing Plan Offers:

  • Brainstorming and Marketing Campaign Plan
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)~ we set the right keywords
  • Advanced Analytics ~ know what your visitors are doing
  • Enhanced Email Marketing ~ a set it and forget it
  • Social Media Marketing~ connect to “everything” Facebook, Trip Advisor, Yelp
  • Easy to understand performance reports after your campaign ends
  • Quick and easy way to re-order